Happy St. Patrick's Day

Since we are drinking liberally how could we let one of the biggest drinking days pass without a political toast.

Here is mine, please post yours.

If I were a Republican

I could have wealth beyond my dreams,
But where is the joy in that?
And I could travel on a lobbyist corporate jet,
But I would always come back.

To guzzle up all the oil,
I could drive a hummer.
Dismantle public schools,
To make poor children dumber.

Propose new legislation,
To take away womesn’s choice.
I would rig elections,
To take away their voice.

I would start a war,
And there would be no peace.
To keep security moms afraid,
And our deficit would increase.

No, if I were a republican and wealthy beyond my dreams
(And where is the joy in that?)
It wouldn't buy friendship such as yours --
And there IS joy in that!

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