GLBT Legislation Needs You!!!

URGENT! Just this morning, five of our allies on City Council introduced legislation to restore protection from discrimination to gays and lesbians in Cincinnati. Your immediate action is needed now to ensure that this proposal becomes law! Please read on to find out how you can help!
As you know, in November of 2004, the people of Cincinnati voted overwhelmingly to remove discrimination based on sexual orientation from our city charter by repealing Article XII. The voters clearly said that discrimination against anyone is wrong.
Now it's time for City Council to take the next step and restore protection from discrimination on the job, in housing, and in public accommodations to gays and lesbians. These are exactly the same protections the city law currently extends to every citizen based on religion, gender, age, race, color, disability status, marital status or ethnic, national, or Appalachian regional origin. These are the same protections that Article XII unfairly withheld only from gays and lesbians.
If you still believe in fairness, here's what we need you to do:
***SEND AN E-MAIL, WRITE A LETTER. OR CALL CITY COUNCIL TODAY! Go right now to Equality Cincinnati's website to find out how.
***JOIN US FOR THE HEARING ON TUESDAY, MARCH 14th, 2 PM in Room 300 at City Hall. That's only days away! We need EVERYONE there.

***FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO YOUR FRIENDS AND ASK THEM TO JOIN YOU IN CONTACTING CITY COUNCIL - This is the most important action for equality since the City came together to repeal Article XII in 2004. No one will want to miss it!


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