The Cubicle On The LEFT

This is the first installment in a series of conversations and observations straight from my office. These are actual events that occur on a daily basis with my co-workers on the right and on the left. Some are intelligent and some are well, not so much.

Welcome to my workplace! Enjoy!

Edwards/Kemp ’08?
While speaking to one of my co-workers on the left, he inquired about John Edwards and Jack Kemp. “They have been seen in public. Are they going to run together?” John Edwards and Jack Kemp have co-chaired a task force on U.S. – Russia relations which was sponsored by The Council on Foreign Relations. They have appeared on Meet The Press and Charlie Rose to discuss the report. But, are they running as a ticket in 2008? In a time of partisan politics and thanks to Mr. “Uniter Not A Divider”, there hasn’t been any other time in history when the country has been as bitterly divided as it is now. To tell you the truth, as far as Republicans go, the former Congressman and Vice Presidential candidate is not the worst of the bunch. An Edwards/Kemp ticket would bring politics to the center, and could pick up the independents and moderates, but I would have to say that it’s not going to happen. This is just John Edwards way of creating, “One America”.

Who Is This Barrack Obama?
For fun, I like to bring into the office the mail I receive from the DNC and give it to my, “Ditto-head” co-worker, the one who turns red in the face at the mention of Hillary Clinton or Edward Kennedy. The other day I received a postcard from the DNC with a photo of Barrack Obama on one side and the, “Red state/blue state” segment of his speech at the Democratic National Convention. “Who’s this?” my right-wing co-worker asked. I told him who he was and he read the back of the card. “Well?” I asked, “What do you think? Do you agree?” “Well, yea. I do agree with this”, he said. “So what is your problem with Democrats?” I asked. “I don’t like their message”, he replied.

And the struggle continues…

Straw Man
Bill Frist won the straw poll vote for presidential candidates at a Republican convention in Memphis this past weekend. Yes, I said it right. Bill “I have reviewed the tape” Frist, the same man who didn’t know that he owned stock by HCA, the company his father founded. He won the mother freakin’ straw poll vote for President of the United States. Come to find out, he had people bussed into the convention to influence the vote. It probably didn’t help McCain’s cause that he asked the flock of sheeples to write in W.

A Solution For Alternative Energy
At lunch a co-worker and I passed a gas station and noticed the rise in gas prices. This usually leads to a conversation about energy independence and fuel alternatives. But this conversation went even further. The discussion leaned toward not only alternatives to gasoline but alternatives to transportation. How many communities in the Cincinnati area have sidewalks? Not a lot. Why not spend money not only on developing alternative fuels for cars but also to develop solutions for alternative modes of transportation? Sidewalks, walking trails, and bike paths take care of two problems. Not only will it give people the choice to walk or ride a bike to work, but it will also help in the growing problem of obesity in this city. And to help conserve energy and reduce emissions in the city, it’s time that we get serious about a rail system.

My Co-Worker’s Ring Tone
My co-worker, the pro-war religious-right-wing-nut-job has a new ring tone for his cell phone. It’s, “B.Y.O.B.” by System Of A Down. Based on the lyrics, do you think this is something Mr. Pro-war religious-right-wing-nut-job would listen to? I guess it has a beat and you can dance to it. And, every time it rings, the ditto-head co-worker sings along.

That’s all for now!

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