Council Watch-8-1 in favor of Gays

The City Council passed the anti-discrimination amendment of GLBT people today with a vote of 8-1. The vote was the last vote of the meeting, and as soon as it was passed the crowd broke out into a round of applause. Guess what? Monzel was the lone no vote. He gave a comment before the vote with some lame reason he wouldn't vote for it. He whined that he supports equality for all citizens and put forward an alternative amendmennt that will be landmark legislation. He said that's why he is voting no today, cause he will vote yes in 2 weeks.

Ghiz made a comment how she is a labor lawyer and see discrimination cases as part and parcel of her job. She admonished listeners to not be fooled by domeone saying we are trying to fight discrimination of any kind. She warned that no landmark legislation will stand up in court. (O.K. it's one for Ghiz.)

Other council news: Nothing else could hold a candle to the above vote, but council did vote to pass some ordinance on blighted buildings. The reason why I mention it is that it provided for an amusing bit from Cranley. He said the broken glass theory has been around for 6 years or more, but it's still not clear that broken Glass is illegal in Cinncinnati. He closed with the comment, "with ownership, comes responsibility."

I have a feeling he is running for Congress or something. Hey is he gets elected to Congress, who do you think should take his seat on Council?

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