This week D.L. Cinci introduces daily features. Don't worry, we won't change the usual post you have come to enjoy from D.L. but you will have additional post to enjoy.

Monday- Interviews* We will feature interviews with state, national, and local politicians and other politicos. You never know who to expect, and what they will say.

Tuesday- Link Before You Drink* Interesting links to check out before heading to D.L.

Wednesday- Conspiracy Theory of the Week* The title says it all.

Council Watch* Reports on Cincinnati City Council meetings.

Thursday- Know Your Enemy* D.L. 'ers shed light on what the conservative forces are doing.

Friday- Working For the Weekend* Always some amusing tidbit to get you in the weekend mood.

Saturday- Estrogen Therapy* Your weekly dose of Estrogen Therapy. Once a week, a bunch of liberal ladies get together over email to dish politics, women’s issues, and whatever is in their craw. The results are posted here, and you can join in via the comments section. Sorry no guys allowed.

Sunday- Poll of the Week* Once again, the title says it all.

We hope you enjoy the changes!

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