Attention Women-Don't let it happen in Ohio!

Actually men you too should pay attention! Anti-choice forces are doing everything they can to restrict the health care choices of women and men at home and abroad. Last month the South Dakota legislature voted to ban abortion in that state. This ban is an attack on women's fundamental right of privacy and their ability to make the most intimate and personal choice about when and whether to have a child. Don't let it happen in Ohio. Planned Parenthood will fight the ban in court to protect Planned Parenthood patients but they need supporters across the country to join them in their efforts.

Current threats to the women of Ohio include:

Legislation to allow pharmacists to refuse to dispense physician-prescribed medications such as Emergency Contraception (HB469)
Legislation to ban abortion in Ohio (HB 228)
Legislation to restrict access to abortion (HB 239)
Legislation to increase abortion reporting requirements (HB 392)

We need to stop these threats NOW! We need to force legislators to focus on legislation that will reduce the need for abortion through legislation that promotes prevention and medically-accurate comprehensive sexuality education!

Below are a few things you can start doing today to make a difference.

Join the Planned Parenthood Action Network

Receive updates on the fight to protect choice. PPAN mobilizes people committed to defending and increasing access to family planning services, abortion services, and sexuality education. PPAN will provide you with updates on critical issues and, most importantly, a variety of ways to make your views count with those who are making the decisions.

Speak Out on Federal Advocacy Issues

Take Action by sending a letter to elected officials! Whether the subject is U.S. Supreme Court nominations or bills to cut critical family plannig funding you can stay informed and speak out on choice issues of the day.

Send a Letter to the Editor
Show your support for reproductive rights by sending a letter to your local or national newspaper.

Find Your Elected Officials
Identify your state and federal legislators.

Register to Vote
Your vote is your voice. Make it heard!

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