South Dakota's New State Song

Since South Dakota is on the verge of passing the most restrictive abortion legislation in the
, I find it only fitting to commemorate this historic moment by re-writing South Dakota's state song, "Hail! South Dakota!"

Hell! South Dakota!

Hell! South Dakota! A great state of the land,
With only one abortion clinic, that's what makes her grand;
Doctors fly in to perform abortions, because in SD they are so rare,
And with its new abortion measure, no other state can compare.

Come where abortion will soon be banned, and where unborn life is worthwhile,
"Abortion doctors will be sent to prison," says Hunt with a smile;
"Except when a woman's life is in danger, abortion is allowed, that's true."
But to victims of rape and incest: well, screw you."

Hell! South Dakota! The state pro-lifers love the best,
Land with the most restrictive abortion laws in the west;
Home of powerful anti-abortionists who put the unborn on a shrine,
While the lives of women and children are put on the line.
And for pro-choice supporters across the nation, this should be a warning sign.

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