Roll out the RED CARPET Thursday for Bush

Large signs and banners will be placed around the city to attract attention to our displeasure with President Bush's visit. Also, you are encouraged to call into local radio morning talk shows to keep the "Buzz" going.

Join one of the two public gatherings near, but not in, Indian Hill. There will be pre-made signs or bring your own to remind the public of Bush's ineptitude with his Handling of Iraq, Response to Katrina, and his Alliance to Moneyed Special interests, etc.).

Gathering 1: The intersection of Montgomery Road and Cooper Road, in Montgomery. The easiest address to use for Mapquesting the intersection is 9440 Montgomery Road. It is the intersection just south of the Montgomery Inn. Public parking is available close-by 1 block west of Montgomery Road, off Cooper at Shelly Lane.

Gathering 2: The second location (with special thanks to the Clermont County Dems) will be outside the Madeira Public Library in Madeira. There is an area between Euclid Ave and Camargo Road that will provide great visibility. Mapquest address for this is 7200 Miami Ave.

The fund-raiser begins at 3pm, with dinner at 5pm, so we'd like to assemble around 2pm to catch many of the attendees on their way to the event. It would be great if a significant number of us could still be around during rush hour for the added exposure. So if you can't make it early, please consider coming later, after work, or whenever you can. Thank you in advance for any and all support you can give, even if it is simply thinking good thoughts for your fellow citizens gathered together in common effort on Thursday. Remember what Martin Luther King, Jr. once said: "There Comes A Time When Silence Is Betrayal." And further, this quote from Abraham Lincoln, founding father of the Republican Party, who said: "To Sin By Silence When They Should Protest Makes Cowards of Men."
If you go take pics we will post them on the blog.

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