Not A Good Day for Dub.

It seems that our beloved Commander in Chief is not having a very good day. This is the kind of news day that would make the president throw his Lego’s and pout in the corner. The following is a quick rundown of the day.

“Brownie” tells all. He told the White House that the levies had broken. Read Nattie Hattie’s post below.

“Scooter” tells a federal grand jury that he was authorized to leak the name of a CIA agent by his boss (we all know who that is).

A former CIA official tells us that the White House misused intelligence reports. The White House “cherry picked” intelligence reports for information that would back their claim of WMD’s (just entertain me and act shocked).

The mayor of Los Angeles is shocked to hear about the thwarted terrorist attack on the Library Tower. Bush says that they worked with city officials in L.A. but the mayor says that no one was contacted. Don’t worry Mister Mayor, if the department of Homeland Security was in involved, the mayor of Minneapolis was probably contacted instead. Besides, Bush thought it was the Liberty Tower. He also thinks that Laura once worked in a Liberty as a Libertarian. Freedom and Library for all!

Even though the president has denied it a countless number of times, it seems that he does know Jack!

And to end his day on a positive note, he didn’t realize that the microphones were on while speaking at a GOP retreat. How do you like domestic spying now Georgie?

Don’t worry there Mr. President, the day is almost over and it’s milk and cookie time for you!

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