Nattie Hattie's Musical Valentine to DL

Hello all you sexy people,

Because next week's DL falls on Valentine's Day, I want to give all members, current and new, my musical Valentine: a Drinking Liberally Valentine's Day CD mix. Keeping in mind that not everyone views this as a romantic holiday, I am giving you a choice as to what kind of a Valentine's Day mix you'd prefer:

- "DL Loves Me," the aural equivalent of an aphrodisiac feast of oysters followed by Spanish Fly and a dish of Viagra for dessert;

- "DL Loves Me--NOT!!," a corrosive mix of anti-love songs that will make Cupid drop his bow, put on Doc Martens and start breaking stuff; or

- "DL Loves Me, Loves Me Not," which combines both the bitter and the sweet.

No matter which one you choose, you'll want to spoon with me in the morning.

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