Live! For One Night Only! Zack Morris and Nattie Hattie Blog on the Same Stage!

That’s right! Tomorrow, Zack Morris and Nattie Hattie will be blogging live at Electoral Dysfunction featuring Jerry Springer and Chris Redfern at the 20th Century Theater starting at 7 PM. In case you can’t go to the event, we’ll bring the event to you! Check out the Drinking Liberally in Cincinnati blog at 7:00PM tomorrow for our blow-by-blow accounts of the event as it happens!

In case you can attend, come by and say howdy! We’ll be the sexy people wearing the Drinking Liberally pins!

UPDATED: AnotherDem reminded me to tell you two very important words concerning this event: cash bar. Come drink liberally with us at the 20th Century Theatre tomorrow!

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