How do you support the troops?

Conservatives are always ragging on us to "Support the Troops", and now I finally understand what it means. What better way could there be to support them than to give them what the want? Bring them home, and end this illegal occupation. Even William F. Buckley agrees that we are losing the war. And, that does not make us defeatists or mean that we are cheering for the US to lose a war. It makes us realists. I applaud the troops and even Mr. Buckley for telling the truth. Is Bill Buckley an anti-American communist giving aid and comfort to the enemy? Just how will they spin this in Jesusland?

Of Mr. Bush, I say that the man behind the curtain is being revealed for what he is, a charlatan who has used false-patriotism, false religion, and false fear to further a pro-corporate agenda that hurts the average citizen in this country. His latest approval rating is at about 34%.

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