House Party W

It looks like the president will be visiting our fair city on Thursday for a fundraiser for DeWine. A couple in Indian Hill will be hosting this fundraiser for DeWine. For those of you not familiar with Cincinnati, Indian Hill is an influential suburb on the Northeast side of Cincinnati.

It looks like the biggest concern for the hosts of the event is getting the addition to their house finished in time for the visit. What a coincidence, I hear there are people in New Orleans that share the same concerns.

The story adds that, "the menu will stay a mystery". I guess it would take a congressional hearing to subpoena the records on that one. My only question is what flavor of Kool-aid will they drink?

I'm going to take a guess on how this story plays out on Faux News. Something like, the president visits a family in a modest Cincinnati suburb. The husband is an insurance salesman and his wife stays at home with the children. Their house is in need of repair (no, not a renovation) and the president wants to speak to them about a health savings plan.

But what really bothers me about the visit is that it will probably mess with my commute.

But why should I complain? It's not like I ran into someone today who I have no respect for. Oh wait, that's right. I did.

Excuse me, I feel ill.

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