Hackett on Newsmakers

Paul Hackett appeared yesterday on Channel 12's Newsmakers, their local-interest type of show that usually airs at 3:30 on a Sunday morning. Unfortunately, since WKRC's website doesn't even acknowledge the existence of the show, there's no transcript to link to, but I'll hit the big points as best as I can remember them:
  • Paul was going to take several months off of politics after the special election in August, and then consider a run at the 2nd district this coming November
  • Senators Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer called him up to D.C. to discuss running against DeWine in the Senate election in 2006
  • Paul asked about other Democratic candidates that might run against him in a primary, specifically Sherrod Brown; Reid and Schumer both said that Brown told them he would not run, and suggested that he meet with Brown to understand his reasons for not running
  • Paul met with Brown, who told him that he would not run; obviously, a week after Paul announced his candidacy, Brown changed his mind
  • Paul referred to the rumored whisper campaign; while he did not give specifics, he intimated that the rumors concerned his service and whether he had done an honorable job in Iraq, or perhaps participated in some sort of torture
  • While no names were mentioned, Paul does know who started the campaign; it was someone in Brown's camp, who he said left the campaign in the last week or so; a curious sort could probably identify the name
  • Paul went to Reid and Schumer to put a stop to the campaign; both said it would be taken care of, apparently it was not
  • In the end, Paul just did not feel he could raise the $2 million needed to match Brown's coffers in the six weeks before media buys needed to take place
  • His suggestion for those that want to keep up the fight was to get involved in the process and support solid candidates; when asked by the host whether that meant voting for Brown, his response was that he was not a political player and had not been asked to endorse Brown; pressed further, he remarked that he would not be endorsing Brown, and he did not like Brown

Good move to piss this guy off Dems, this will win over those swing voters.

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