Groundhog Day!

Are you going to wake up and do the same thing you do everyday until you get it right? It seems the Democratic party is on a loop. Different day, same shit.
Today is the day to make the change for the better. I'm talking to you. Don't sit back and complain that the Democrats never change, get out and change them.

If you don't like the way the party is run, get involved; change it from the inside out. You say you don't know how? The Democratic Party is looking for people to run for office from Precinct Executives, to Judges. What is a Precinct Executive you say... well the short explanation is they are the democratic representatives in your neighborhood, well part of a neighborhood. A PE goes door to door and talks to his or her democratic neighbors about democratic candidates and gets the vote out. It's really not as scary as it sounds, and the coolest part of being a PE is that you are an elected official. Albeit the lowest elected official there is, but your name gets on the ballot. Imagine going to the polls and voting for yourself. Filing deadline is February the 16th.

If an office is not for you, then become a volunteer. You can become active in a campaign or with the party, or with a grassroots organization. There are a myriad of things to be done.

Get to know your neighbors to build the party. Grassroots party-building is essential because personal networks are one of the primary determinants of voting behavior and therefore we must develop active networks on a local level in order to influence these networks. The research in this section convincingly demonstrates that most voters make their decisions based on “social group identification” instead of a careful analysis of the issues. They simply do not make time to read and research the issues, so they adopt those of their social group.

You can help build social networks by hosting Democratic house parties. The Democratic Party has discovered the value of house parties. Not just as a profit center, but as a way to connect people and give them social bonds. These networks are not solely for getting votes, but also serve as prime source for volunteers. It's kind of like the old saying the family that plays together stays together.

A great way to build on these networks is to keep in touch via email. People share their thoughts about the topic via the reply all button and soon a discussion breaks out. When you have something to share that is compelling the chance is that it will get forwarded on and on into perpetuity.

If you want to change the party then come to drinking liberally tonight at the 20th Century. And drink to world peace. I always do!

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