Censored information--or no information at all?

Recently, four major tech companies--Google, Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Yahoo!--have received pummelings from politicians and human rights activists for allowing their services in China to be subverted by the Chinese government.

Google yielded to government pressure to censor politically-sensitive search results. Microsoft took down the blog of a controversial blogger who
spoke out against China's political repression. Cisco Systems sold hardware to the Chinese government that prevents Internet users from accessing certain Web sites. And in the most distressing example, Yahoo! actually gave information to the government that led to the arrests of not one, but two dissidents.

Some (including John McCain and Jon Kyl) argue that these and other US companies should stand up to the Chinese government and refuse to do business there. Others argue that it is better for the Chinese population to have access to some information than no information at all.

What do you think?

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