Wonk round-up

In the news...
Bob Ney, is, can you beleive this, backing Boehner for House Majority Leader. Imagine that. Both of these guys from Ohio got bucks and gifts from Abramoff, of course Boehner isn't publicizing Ney's support.

Roy Blunt who is also seeking the Majority leader position was mentioned on Wait, Wait, don't tell me, an NPR Newsquiz. Roy Blount Jr., called Blount his evil homonym. Added bonus they used My Evil Twin by TMBG as the bumper music.

Sherrod Brown was honored by the Humane Society of th U.S. for sponsoring a bill that would end the use of antibiotics in livestock. Way to go Sherrod, great intensions, what happened to that bill?

Finally-Brinkman calls Schmidt an embarrassment, in the paper we will not name, you know which one it is. Anyhow Brinkman plans on running against Mean Jean in the republican primary. FYI: This doesn't negate my request for a viable democratic candidate in the 34th district. If Brinkman doesn't run in the representative race, we still need to get a solid candidate to run against the republican candidate they choose to put into the race.

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