It's a finger-licking idiot

While I agree with most of PETA's pet causes regarding animal cruelty, I tend to shy away from their campaigns and tactics, mainly because I think they're overtly inflammatory publicity stunts. But again, I give them somewhat of a free pass because their goals are good, it's just the methods that bother me.

But this guy (scroll button once, second paragraph from the bottom) needs to be held up as an object of ridicule. Dude, do you really think that changing your name to is going to get KFC to suddenly change their practices? If George Costanza can't get them to change things, what hope do you think you have? This kid clearly has an over-inflated sense of self, or is just plain clueless, take your pick.

So here's my plan. I'm going to get the home address of this guy (I figure there can't be many people with the last name .com). Then I'm going to KFC and get a box of wings. Then I'm going to eat them, package the bones in the box, and send them to him. Of course, given his frail emotional status, this would probably send him over the edge and PETA would file a multi-million dollar lawsuit against me for causing emotional distress.

Late Update: Looking closer, it seems that Pam Anderson is a big supporter of the cause. So perhaps Mr. .com is thinking this gives him a better chance of getting into her pants? Good luck on that, hope you can measure up to Tommy Lee.

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