Dancing Liberally--Designated Driving Lesson

The party last night was fabulizing. We danced liberally and ran down the street naked. Whoops, did you blink and miss it?

A girl on girl kiss was the talk of the evening, and someone was heard whispering, "Drinking Liberally was never this cool before..."

All the while, buzz about the Hackett campaign gathering was discussed--and musing about the veracity of time spent north of Cleveland, Akron and Youngstown is really thumbs up or thumbs down?

Will Strickland get the groundswell of support needed to kick ass in Southern OH?

Will Thor Jacobs give Schmidt for brains a marathon run for the money? Stay tuned to that tightly pulled bun, and pinafore sweater for details.

Did Jean have a bad botox moment? Her sunken drawn checks give pause to wonder. Speaking of fashion faux paux-s, was Sherrod Brown really wearing that oh-so-80's bell bottom ensemble?

Please...the fashion police speaketh, and all will listen. Because, afterall, someone has to drive you big boozers home.

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