Columbus hot spot of culture of coruption

Well the event with Dean was not quite as earthshaking as one would hope. Dean and ODP leaders stood together in front of Taft's ceremonial office to sign a national petition for Congress to restore honest leadership to government.

National leaders have focused on Columbus, because Ohio has been the focal point of a pay-to-play culture that is now focused on Washington. In Ohio, GOP public officials and their staff members who have been under scrutiny include former House Speaker Larry Householder, former State Treasurer Joe Deters, former GOP operative Tom Noe, Congressman Bob Ney and Governor Bob Taft the first sitting Ohio Governor ever convicted of an ethics offense.

The event coincides with the unveiling of an ethics package on Capitol Hill by Congressional leaders geared toward ending the post-Abramoff atmosphere that has consumed the nation’s political landscape as the GOP’s sole control of Ohio and more recently Congress comes under intense scrutiny.

Please sign this petition, and keep the leadership's feet to the fire to actually get things done, not just protest and make proclamations. Let's see some real change.

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