Boomer Betrays Bengals

You will recall from a previous post by Zack Morris that the rumors of a halftime scuffle in the Bengals locker room were no longer rumors and the event did occur. If this story remained in Cincinnati, then I say no harm, no foul. But, this is not the case. On an early morning radio show in Pittsburgh, our own Super Bowl quarterback, Boomer Esiason reported that the incident did happen. Boomer told the Pittsburgh listeners that Chad was crying about not getting the ball more but that's not all, Boomer also called Chad a, "knucklehead" and, "not everyone can be a Hines Ward".

Reporters are rarely invited to a locker room at halftime. If Boomer was in the locker room it was because he was invited, not because he's a reporter, but because he was a former Bengal and the quarterback that took the team to the Super Bowl. It would be one thing for Boomer to appear on a Cincinnati radio station and say what he said, but to go to Pittsburgh and say this? Absolute betrayal. Boomer should be ashamed of himself and I believe he owes Marvin Lewis an apology.

And... Boomer Esiason is legally brain dead to me.

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