What will you do with your Second?

New Year’s eve you will have one more second to celebrate. Scientists are delaying the start of 2006 by the first "leap second" in seven years, a timing tweak meant to make up for changes in the Earth's rotation.

Of course this second won’t be available to you unless you have an atomic clock. So I’m telling you now so you can enjoy that extra second. At midnight coordinated Universal Time, or for you old timers, Greenwich Mean Time, just before 7 Pm EST.

Consider how to use that extra second. I for one would like to bank it and use it on a warm day, when I’m in my garden, digging with my dog. Unless they find a way to put time in a bottle in the next 36 hours I guess I need a better plan. I think I will take the time to hug my hubby!

What will you do with your extra second?

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