Wanna have a beer with 'em?

Is this the mark of electoral success?

It might make a good litmus test before donating or campaigning for a candidate.

Do you vote for a candidate because you wanna have a beer with him, or because you agree with them on the issues? About thirty percent of voters name an issue when they explain why they voted the way they did, and only a fifth hold consistent opinions on issues over time.

Who wants a cardboard cut-out candidate with a long résumé spouting tired political talking points? No charisma and BORING, the only inspiration they provide is for you to stay home on Election Day.

It's about Charisma. You wouldn't want to have a beer with someone who has no personality.

Charisma is
"a certain appeal, allure, or presence. When charismatic people enter a room, they draw attention and may enliven the whole gathering."

Howard Friedman, a professor of psychology at the University of California-Riverside.

Sound like any local politicians you know?

I want candidates that have a personality and passion that get people excited and interested in politics again. A democracy only works when citizens are engaged, and the only way to get citizens engaged is to have inspirational leaders. Voter apathy that permeates America today is appalling, but the astonishing lack of decent candidates is the real tragedy.

I want a candidate that seems sincere, is a leader and more importantly one that I want to have a beer with! The kind of person that once in office I know will consider an issue with an open mind and make a decision based on reason, not talking points. One that has the guts to take a stand, move forward with a plan and have the charisma to sell it.

So from now on I challenge you to ask this question before you donate or sign up for the next phone bank for that candidate, would I want to have a beer with 'em?

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