Shuffle up and deal

As this is a musically inclined group, it pains me to report that one of the last bastions of good rock music in town, WAQZ, has succumbed to the 'shuffle' format. Basically there's no more DJ's, no rhyme nor reason to the playlist, they just put all the tunes in the computer, pushed play, and just let it run. I knew something was up when I turned it on Saturday morning and there was no Out of Order with Jed the Fish.

I've long felt that eventually Clear Channel was just going to buy all the FM stations in town and just merge them into one continuous shuffle. Why wait, just go ahead and do it, there's so little personality left in music radio anymore, just get it overwith. Until then, here are my new names for the major stations in town:

MIX - My Shuffle Will Go On

Q102 - Shuffle Clarkson/Usher

WEBN - Shuffletallica

KISS - Shuffizle Dizzle

FOX - Shuffle on the water, a fire in the sky

MOJO - Shuffletomic Dog

B105 - Shuffle a horse, ride a cowboy

XM - safe haven from Cincinnati radio

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