Second 2006 Wish List

Since we're in the New Year's spirit, here are a list of things I want to see in 2006 (bonus for me since I'm Jewish; I can still ask for these as Hanukkah gifts):

  1. Cooperation between city council and the county commissioners to get something other than a pile of dirt moving at The Banks.
  2. A Bengal playoff win and a date with Denver (two phrases that should warm any Bengal fan’s heart: “Jake Plummer” and “playoff game”).
  3. Four words – Jean Schmidt, duct tape.
  4. Another local bar to hear good live music at in town.
  5. Less bad German bands at those venues.
  6. 11/7/2006 – the date we get Congress back – 45 weeks to go.
  7. A Nextel Cup race at Kentucky Speedway for 2007.
  8. Cool weather for the Flying Pig.
  9. A restaurant to step up and take the place of the Maisonette as the premier fine dining restaurant in town.
  10. Southwest Airlines at CVG.
  11. For the Reds, a .300 hitting table setter, another 20 steals guy, the Austin Kearns of 3 years ago, the Tony Womack of 5 years ago, less K’s from Dunn and Wily Mo, another quality starter, 45 wins from Harang/Claussen/Williams, lightning to strike Eric Milton and Paul Wilson, some competent middle relief, a shutdown closer…oh screw it, they’re hopeless.
  12. Someone to come up with a new catch phrase to take the heat off of the Grammar Queen.

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