My (Running) Wish List for 2006

With 2005 coming to a close, I have been compiling a list of things I hope will come true in 2006:

Indictments, indictments, indictments. Now that Enron’s former chief accounting executive has agreed to squeal to save his own neck, I hope that more Enron execs will be spending next year trying to pick up the soap without bending over in the showers of our nation’s finest penal institutions. And as much as I loved my Fitzmas gift , I hope that an even bigger present will come next year.

Good performers for Tall Stacks. In 2003, I saw Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, Los Lobos, Emmylou Harris, B.B. King and other amazing artists for a measly $10. Here’s hoping that This year's Tall Stacks lineup will be just as amazing (and affordable).

New Democratic blood in Kentucky. Kentucky will have general elections in 2006 with over 4,000 offices (a record number) to be decided. With Ernie Fletcher’s approval ratings only slightly higher than Taft’s, this Kentucky Woman hopes that some of the Republicans who rode on Mr. “Clean up the mess in Frankfort” coattails will be drowning their sorrows in firewater on November 8.

More to come.

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