DL Music Mix Challenge: Dick Cheney's iPod Playlist

Over the past year, various members of DL have created music mixes around various themes. For the New Year, I propose a new mix challenge: Dick Cheney's iPod playlist.

Apparently, ole Dicky boy is so enamored of his iPod that on a recent Air Force II flight, he bogarted one of the last remaining power outlets for his device while other passengers had to share outlets. Being a music lover myself, I can attest that, after a hard day of casting tie-breaking votes, I would inconvenience reporters filing stories so I could listen to my favorite Arcade Fire songs. I mean, what good is an imperial presidency for if you can't use your influence to steal precious power from journalists so you can listen to Johnny Cash?

Yep, our vice-president has the Man in Black on his iPod as well as "oldies but goodies" from the 40s and 50s. Apart from Cash, I must say that Cheney's music selection is seriously lacking. So, here are some songs I think would be perfect additions to his iPod:

- "Bad to the Bone" - George Thorogood
- "Evil is Goin' On" - Howlin' Wolf
- "Hair of the Dog" - Nazareth
- "Bad Moon Rising" - CCR
- "The Number of the Beast" - Iron Maiden
- This song
- And Celine Dion. Lots and lots of Celine Dion.

Other suggestions?

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