Jokers Wild

It seems of lately that the right-wing fringe is having some contest to see who can bring the most crazy. Since the beginning of this year we have just seen an influx of people and groups trying to one up the other. It’s time to meet the contestants.

Contestant #1: The Teabaggers. This is the group who is named after something I prefer not to mention and that they are totally oblivious to. This group says that their purpose is to protest an overreaching government and excessive taxes. How they bring the crazy: as far as I know, there hasn’t been a tax increase under the Obama administration and as far as an out of control government, they are one President too late.

Contestant #2: The Birthers. This is a group that seems to be lead by Dentist/Lawyer/Realtor Orly Taitz. Their belief is that President Obama was not born in the U.S. and therefore cannot be President. How they bring the crazy: No matter how many documents that have been presented to prove otherwise, they will not go away. That and disputing an illegitimate Presidency is so 2000.

Contestant #3: The Deathers, Astroturfers, Anti-Health crowd. These people go by different names but their sole purpose is to derail any health care proposal brought to the table. They believe that President Obama wants to kill grandma, force sex changes and abortions upon us, and send our kids away for bad behavior. How they bring on the crazy: They are pro-life yet oppose health care.

Contestant #4: The Name Callers. This is the group headed by Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh who like to babble on about Socialism, Fascism, Racism, and any other “ism” they can come up with. By calling an African American President and Latino Supreme Court Justice a racist, it helps mask their hatred for African Americans and Latinos. Plus, they like to throw around the word Nazi most likely because it’s the only “N” word they can get away with. How they bring on the crazy: They don’t just bring it on – they are.

Contestant #5: The Gun Nuts. They have been around for a long time and usually surface after a child has been killed by a gun or when we elect a Democratic President. These are the ones who think it is okay to carry an AR-15 near an event hosted by the President because it is a 2nd amendment right. How they bring on the crazy: They are carrying guns near the President. What happened to Squeaky when she did that?

Contestant #6: The Child Predators. This is a quiet group who does not get a lot of attention but they like to attack children based on the beliefs of the child or their parents. The main players in this are Michelle Malkin and Fox News. Bob Cesca of HuffPo has the details in his post. How they bring on the crazy: It’s one thing to spew your vile at an adult but to go after children seems even too twisted for a right-winger.

Contestant #7: Tom DeLay. He is going to make an appearance on Dancing With The Stars. How he brings on the crazy: Wearing sequins and tights in public? The GOP usually keeps that behind closed doors and bathroom stalls.

It’s been a long time since we have had a reasonable debate or discussion on issues in this country but seeing how the other side wants to act, I don’t see us being able to do that anytime soon.

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