Chuck Norris Takes A Roundhouse Kick To The Head

Yesterday Chuck Norris posted an opinion piece on a right-wing blog which was complete and utter nonsense about a provision in the current health care legislation on home visitation programs for families (Page 838, Sec. 440). In Chuck Norris land the voluntary program is interpreted as “government agents” will come to your house in the middle of the night, kick down the door, steal your children, and send them to camps for political re-education.

In this battle, Democratic Rep. Jim McDermott gets the last blow and writes a response to the weak minded actor.

“The health care crisis facing every American is not a B-movie script; people are going bankrupt because the medical industry controls the medical care you receive. And unless and until the American people take control of the health care system, uncontrolled greed will remain America’s attending physician.”

This is a must read from the Congressman and if you are into torturing your brain, here is the link to the Chuck Norris rant.

To give him some credit, he is really no different than any other wingnut out there who forgoes research and just makes things up.

Maybe he should stick to what he does best – doing late night infomercials for exercise equipment.

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One Ronin said...

Without further political commentary, the link you have posted for the Chuck Norris rant has been infected by a PAV virus that will go to the rant, the pop up a message claiming that your computer is infected...(blah, blah). Clicking "yes" on this message will infect your system with a very nasty "hoax hijacker".

If you see this, please remove this link so that others will not be exposed to this infection.