Who Really Is "Acting Stupidly"?

While the mainstream media is beating the crap out of ridiculous stories like this and taking out of context the underlying meaning of it all, we are no closer to health care legislation.

We are in the middle of a bad economy, two wars, and a bunch of House and Senate Republicans who want to fight the President only to see him fail. And to make matters worse, we have a bunch of so called "Blue Dog Democrats" who are more than happy to appease them.

We have suffered through eight years of someone acting stupidly and it's time to stop acting offended about remarks that really don't matter in the long run and get down to some business.


Crazy Ted said...

Beating the crap out of a story?
All White cops are racist.
All Black cops are twice as racist.
Now all cops are "stupid" if they arrest a black man.
Mr. Obama you seem to be the racist one and now you say you misspoke. I think you set race relations back 20 years from your comments.
Now I want to run right out to become a cop, so not only will I be stupid, I will be one of the most people in this country.
What a great country we have!!!!

Kastier said...

Not only did President Obama make comments about a situation for which he didn't have all the facts, and with which he had a personal connection, those he made were inflammatory and served simply to stir up anger towards the police.

Frankly, the police keep us safe every day. Yes, there is profiling happening and it needs to be dealt with. But as more and more information comes out about the actions of Gates and the officer, it is becoming clear that it is likely GATES who exacerbated the situation with his outlandish and adversarial behavior and the officer who was simply doing his job and following proper procedures to keep himself and whoever might have been in that house (had Gates actually been a criminal). In addition, from everything I have read, this officer is considered an outstanding one by black and white officers alike, and is a man who was even was chosen by a black superior to train other officers how to avoid profiling.

President Obama is the first black president of this nation. In that position he has a wonderful opportunity to help mend the racial divide in this country.

Instead, he has simply inflamed it with offhanded ignorant comments that should not have been uttered from the mouth of a president. By simply assuming that the officer behaved racially simply because he was white and Gates is black, Obama falls into the same "racial profiling" he accuses the police of doing.

THAT is why people are upset about this matter.

And frankly, as to your comments in this blog post, the last 8 years of a president behaving stupidly does not give the current president justification to behave in kind.

A.B. said...

Kastier, I think you're missing the point of the post, at least partially. Whether you believe that the president's comments on the Gates arrest were appropriate, this issue should hardly be the #1 topic in the news when we have so much going on in our country that needs our attention (like healthcare reform, the economy, etc.). This is the problem with the media that grif is referring to, that they get obsessed on these hot button issues, while failing to focus on things that are just too complicated and sometimes boring, because they force you to think about policy, numbers, and things that don't make good tv/copy.

Saying that the former president's stupid behavior does not excuse the current president's (I'm assuming in the context of these comments) is creating a false equivalency. Even if you believe that these comments qualify as stupid behavior, you can't equate them to the policies of the previous administration that justified torture and the firing of district attorneys based on political leanings and behaviors, to say nothing of their enaction of reckless tax cuts for the rich, creation of the Medicare Part D program that costs hundreds of billions of dollars, and their turning a blind eye to the excesses and games being played in the financial markets that got us into the economic mess we're in right now.

As for the police, you're 100% right that we should give them respect and be grateful to them for keeping us safe and putting themselves in harm's way to protect us. I'm a big fan of the police, and have backed them in situations where they probably didn't deserve backing. But, along with the bravery needed to be a policeman, there needs to be a balance to keep their composure in other situations, and know when to walk away. Once Gates had established that he was the homeowner, the policeman should have just walked away, no matter what Gates was saying.

Being rude to a police office in that situation should not be grounds for an arrest. I can certainly understand why the officer would want to investigate a call from the neighbors and question Gates to make sure he was the homeowner. But there has to be a point where he says to himself, 'this is this man's home, he's upset that he's being questioned about whether it's his home, he's entitled to that, I should just walk away'. Common sense has to prevail at some point.

grif said...

I think the first few comments proves my point. This is just another example of how the media blows something out of proportion while the important items take a back seat. It amazes me as to how someone will get bent out of shape over an unfortunate misguided comment but show no outrage toward the true direction of this country. It is truly shameful that people who will get angry at President Obama for a, “remark” isn’t angry at Congress for passing comprehensive healthcare or cleaner air or a better world in general.

So tell me, while you are fuming over this silly statement, what is your representative and Senator doing to make a better life for you and to make this country what it once was? Or is it that you could give a shit?