Of Teabaggers, Birthers, and Deathers?

The teabaggers didn’t get the thrill that they thought from teabagging and the birthers have been disproved many times over. So what comes next? Deathers? It used to be that the ones on the right believed that the lunatic fringe came from the liberals but more and more they have shown that they can do conspiracies better than anyone.

Last night Rachel Maddow showed the new trend in right-wing politics – the government is trying to kill old people. And it’s not the usual crazies talking about it. It is the Republicans on the floor of the house. Check out the video (via C&L).

So, after we kill the elderly, what do we do next? I say Soylent Green!

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Quim said...

I don't think it will be so extreme. Probably just mandatory LSD camps.
14 or fight !