A Cause for Concern

Last week I had an eye appointment. Nothing eventful there but while in the waiting room there was an older man I would say in his 80’s going on with his views about the country, the President, and what in his mind could or could not be done to change the state of the nation. I heard him shouting, “He [President Obama] can’t tell me what to do!” and, “My friends in the South said that shooting him would only divide the country.” It was very shocking to hear this and it seemed that the man did not care who heard him. He wanted his views to be known. Although it bothered me to hear such things, I brushed it off. After all, he was from a very different time and at his age he just might be a little delusional. But I also thought to myself that for the most part this elderly man was harmless.

That was last week. What had happened this week has made me wonder how to distinguish the difference between an elderly man just running his mouth and spouting his radical and twisted views from an elderly man who is willing to kill to support those radical and twisted views. How can you tell the difference between an angry old man and a man who has worked himself into a frenzy and is willing to harm people out of his own self inflicted anger and what can be done about it?

It made me realize that it doesn’t matter how young or how old a person is and anyone could take desperate measures out of ignorance.


rev.ritchie said...

I guess Obama forced him to go to the eye doctor and that upset him...

Seriously, though, I don't think these people are capable of accepting that Obama won.

(Look, ma, a comment without any cursing!)

A.B. said...

I'm sure in the past people used to have batshit crazy thoughts like this. The problem was, back then there weren't nutjobs like Glenn Beck and the Freepers continually egging them on with talk about how scary things are going to be under this administration, and how people need to rise up and start a revolution, etc. Now people feel more and more justified in their insane thinking, and it just feeds itself.