A Judge Supreme

President Obama picked his Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayer today and from all I have seen she as an example of the American story.

But what are the Republicans saying about the nomination? Here is a few comments I have heard so far (from CBS):

GOP Chairman Michael Steele said that he will, “reserve judgment" on the nominee "until there has been a thorough and thoughtful examination of her legal views."

Wait. What? Thoughtful? Thorough? This coming from the guys that brought us the economic plan that was never a plan?

Orrin Hatch said, “I look forward to a fair and thorough process.”

Fair? Did they add some words to their vocabulary?

Senator Jim DeMint was more directly skeptical, issuing a statement stating that some of Sotomayor's writings "seem to raise serious questions about her approach to the Constitution and the role of the federal judiciary."

That’s more like it! Taking things out of context and just waiting to use the, “activist judge” line.

Senator Tom Coburn wrote that Sotomayor "deserves fair and open hearings," but he signaled that he is unlikely to back the nominee.

Exactly. Why wait for a hearing when you can jump to conclusions today?

And Sen. Jeff Sessions, the ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee - and the man who will be leading the GOP's efforts - said "we must determine if Ms. Sotomayor understands that the proper role of a judge is to act as a neutral umpire of the law, calling balls and strikes fairly without regard to one’s own personal preferences or political views."

Um, play ball? Senator Sessions I believe the steroids in Major League baseball hearings are over. This is the same guy who was nominated as a federal judge by President Reagan but was killed in committee because of his racial insensitivity.

And for you college Republicans, I have your answers already:

A. Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, not a foreign country
B. There are no Constitutional requirements to be on the Supreme Court. That includes a birth certificate.

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