Walker, Texas Idiot

Recently Chuck Norris posted an op-ed on World Net Daily titled, I may run for president of Texas because let’s face it, where else besides Fox News would you find such inane nonsensical views?

He wants to be president of Texas. That’s funny because I want to be King of Sea World. Makes just as much sense. In this op-ed he is talking about his recent appearance on Glenn Beck and comments he made about secession and revolution because let’s face it, if you are from the “Party of Lincoln” it’s only natural to cry secession. What a patriot.

And really, the best way to prove your point is to quote our founding fathers out of context. Real Americans don’t fact check so don’t worry about it. Chuck quotes John Adams on religion and completely misses the point. Yes Chuck, good call there and you’re absolutely right – Adams was as religious as they come. In fact, you should see what he wrote in the Treaty of Tripoli.

But, Chuck isn’t the only one on the right talking about revolution and secession as William Rivers Pitt points out.

Secession, revolution, people taking to the streets in anarchy and propping up a radio blowhard as your de facto leader – is this what the Republican party has come to?

It has because all they have are scare tactics. Instilling fear into Americans is what they know and what has worked for them for 8 years and it’s hard for them to change and understand that the majority of the country no longer falls for that.

But fear and hatred is all they have because to them, that is patriotic.

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Rev. Ritchie Blackmore said...

Chuck Norris is an idiot. Anyone who writes for WorldNetDaily is seriously damaged upstairs.