Because He's Good Enough, Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Elected Him

I was away for awhile focusing on something else and thought I was at the wrong place when I got back (h/t to jk and A.B. for the new design).

A couple of months ago Norm Coleman (R – Tool, MN) demanded that Franken consede now that the voters have decided. After a long, grueling recount which put Al Franken in the lead by 225 votes he has changed his tune and is saying something completely different:

"We are filing this contest to make absolutely sure every valid vote was counted and no one's was counted more than anyone else's"

So, it has been two month’s of looking at votes and you think that the votes haven’t been counted? What have you guys been doing all this time? Watching hockey? Bowl games?

Meanwhile, Harry Reid is saying that Franken should be seated but he is not so keen on Roland Burris.

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