Monsters, Inc.

Paul Krugman has a good op-ed piece about the rule of the monsters and our change in agenda.

I'm disappointed that he didn't list all the monsters, but I could barely touch on it myself.

How about Santorum, Bolton, and Bill Kristol - Krugman's co-worker at the NYT?

But I would have to disagree because even with a change in leadership, these monsters will not be going away anytime soon. We saw their dirty tricks during Clinton's time in office and I'm sure that they will continue with that. They do not like bi-partisanship. It's not their thing.

And even with the overwhelming margin of victory the pundits are still saying that the country is center-right and this victory was not a mandate. Catapult the propaganda. As long as there are mindless idiots out there, the monsters will always have a voice.

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