How about Pandora's Gate?

And this one is in our own backyard and yes Zack, knowing your views on "gates", I thought that you would especially enjoy this one about "pizza-gate".

There is something I don't understand about this story and that's understandable since it was written by a reporter for the Enquirer.

The reason why he was fired was because he was supporting a Democratic candidate? But the firefighter's union endorsed the Dem, so wouldn't that mean they would have to fire all of the fire fighters? Or, was it because he distributed literature in pizza boxes to members of the union? Do they not like pizza or was he campaigning on company time? What the heck is going on here?

So, one of the guys who fired him happened to be the challenger of the guy his union endorsed, doesn't that remotely sound like a Sarah Palin Trooper-gate? And then there is the guy who recommended that he be fired who just happens to have his own scandal going on and was fired because of it. And why doesn't his scandal have a, "gate" attached to the end of it? And if it did, what would it be? Walker-gate? Contract-gate? Bill Gates?

Holy crap! Remind me to not get involved with Clermont county politics.

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