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Last night I watched a new television show called, "Barack Obama". A truly inspirational show that I hope is picked up by the networks (and the voters).

If you didn't get a chance to see it for yourself, it is posted at the end.

As I said, it was truly inspirational and Obama looked very presidential. It reminds me of days long ago when a President could speak in complete sentences. Barack Obama laid out his plan in very easy to understand points through-out.

He also showed real Americans and the issues facing them and what would be done to help all Americans live the American dream. These Americans that he showed are no different than our neighbors and friends. The issues facing them are the issues that we see day to day. With real stories like these, it makes you wonder why the McCain campaign is parading around "Joe the Plumber" who is living a pipe dream (no pun intended). Joe wants to complain about paying a little more in taxes for a business he can't afford while these Americans that Obama showed us have day to day issues that need to be addressed.

But Obama didn't just explain what he would do to help the everyday American, he also told us that we all would need to take responsibility to make this country great again and it takes a real leader to stand up and speak directly to the American people - to all of us and not just one low rate plumber.

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