This Talk About ACORN is Driving Me Nuts

Every election, the GOP brings out rumors of voter fraud. For the most part it is to cover up their own efforts of voter intimidation but this year they are crying even louder because they are behind in the polls.

The over exaggeration of voter fraud is taking place in the mainstream media with the Republicans leading the way. Josh Marshall over at TPM explains what is really going on with ACORN and it’s not the widespread issues the GOP would like you to believe.

The basic problem that the GOP has with ACORN is that they register lower income people – this is definitely not their base. And with more newly registered Democratic voters than Republican, they want to cry foul and have someone to blame.

ACORN admits that they have a few bad employees who get overly zealous in their efforts and may fill out some bogus registrations but for the most part ACORN catches these and from what is found, it’s maybe a dozen, not millions of bogus registrations. And when this happens, ACORN is the one who turns in the bad employee.

To quote the article:

“Remember, most of those now-famous fired US Attorneys from 2007 were Republican appointees who were canned after they got tasked with investigating allegations of widespread vote fraud, did everything they could to find it, but came up with nothing. That was the wrong answer so Karl Rove and his crew at the Justice Department fired them.”

Here is how crying foul and making a big stink helps the Republicans – it not only puts the brakes on these new voter registrations from being processed but it puts a doubt in the system that a new voter may not get their vote counted. If a new voter has any doubt about their vote being counted, they may just sit at home.

It also takes focus away from the GOP’s efforts to intimidate voters. In the past we have seen them do this to minority voters and now they have spread their efforts out to college campuses where they know the majority of students are voting Obama. And in Michigan, they are targeting foreclosures and other voters. Of course they still have their tried and true methods of purging voter rolls and phone jamming get out the vote efforts.

Voter fraud through voter registration is almost non-existent. I say, “almost” because even though I have never heard news of Mickey Mouse committing voter fraud, I have heard news of Ann Coulter doing it. And she is definitely not a Democrat.


The statement from ACORN on the controversy.

Obama doesn't have ties to ACORN. His association with them was representing them in a law suit against Illinois in implementing the motor voter bill. Who helped Obama with this? Of course that crazy fringe group called the Justice Department.

As far as McCain goes, there must be some love/hate relationship with ACORN.

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