Success Is In The Eye of the Beholder

I was listening to XM Radio's POTUS '08 pre-debate coverage last night and they interviewed a woman from a group called, "Red Moms" (don't Google it - I tried it and the results aren't for them!) and this is the exchange I heard:

Host: So, what would have to be done in your mind for this to be a success for Sarah Palin?
Red Mom: For her to speak in complete sentences.

No lie. I was dumbfounded. This is the definition of success for a person who supports McCain/Palin. But then again, the Republicans lowered the bar so much for her that all she had to do was stand on stage and not wet herself.

Granted, she appeared on stage and did not appear to be the blathering idiot we saw in the Couric interviews but does that really make you qualified to be one step away from being the Commander in Chief?

I wondered what it would be like if I lowered my expectations for Joe Biden to that level. Would I be fufilled knowing that my VP candidate of choice was able to construct a complete sentence? Absolutely not. I expected out of Joe Biden what I saw Joe Biden do. Do I wish he pushed Palin on some of the folksy talking points of the GOP? Absolutely. But, he did do what he needed to do.

And yes, I was amazed that Sarah Palin spoke in complete sentences. Me like most viewers were waiting for the train wreck but it never happened. She came out of it unharmed.

But looking at last nights numbers, the Couric and Gibson interviews caused so much harm that it will take more than showing up for a debate to fix that.

From CNN:

51 percent say Democratic Sen. Joe Biden wins vice presidential debate.

87 percent say Biden is qualified for job, 42 percent say Palin is. (um, that's great CNN but how did you get a 129% response?)

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