The poll numbers are looking bleak and now the right wing nuts are stepping up their attacks in a fit of desperation. Now they are talking about Obama's loose association with Bill Ayers. The way they talk, you would think that they were building bombs and not communities together.

Do they really want to go there? I don't think they want to start this. I can think of two good reasons why John McCain better watch his step:

1. The Keating Five
2. "Recklessness and dishonesty"

And that's just him, let's not get started on his running mate. Here's just a few examples:

1. Tax problems
2. Troopergate

And Palin dared to bring up Rev. Wright. Did she quickly forget how odd her church associations are? And what about flip-flopping McCain skewing the religious right and then buddying up to them?

They are opening up a can of worms and it isn't going to work this time.

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