Suspending by a Thread

Yesterday McSame suspended his campaign and wants to cancel the debate tomorrow in order to focus on the economy. For the first time in two weeks, he now wants to focus on the economy? Looks like another derailment in the Straight Jacket Express.

Earlier in the day Obama called the McCain campaign and suggested a bipartisan announcement to show unity in correcting the economy. Of course that doesn’t work for the GOP, the more partisan you can be, the better.

But what is the real reason for suspending the campaign and talks on delaying the debate? Poll numbers bad? Murder She Wrote marathon? Not ready to debate someone smart? Sarah Palin getting on him about the leaky faucet in the kitchen?

McSame also called David Letterman to cancel his appearance because he had to make it to the airport but as Letterman found out, McSame was across the street talking to Katie Couric. Of course, this didn’t go over very well with Letterman.

And to make matters worse, as if the American people weren’t already worried about the economy, ‘Ol Chimpy had to get on the TV thing last night to wreak the havoc that he has become famous for.

But the saving grace in all of this is Barack Obama who held a press conference which was very presidential. What was his take on McCain suspending his campaign”

"It is going to be part of the president's job to deal with more that one thing at once."


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