The McTrainwreck Express

To continue on Ritchie's question, I have a few of my own about Sarah Palin:

Is there any truth to the rumors that this isn't her daughter's first child?

Why does she hate America?

As Governor, shouldn't her husband uphold the laws of the state? I'm guessing that a DUI is illegal in Alaska.

Does she have any respect for law enforcement or just the ones who do not divorce her sister?

And what is this about her 527? Doesn't she know that McCain hates the 527's?

If she is a Washington outsider, how is it that she secured $27 million in earmarks for her town and employed a lobbying firm?

Is shooting animals from an airplane considered a sport to her?

And what is the deal with her and Ted Stevens, a bridge to nowhere, ANWR, and polar bears?

Was she vetted by a lazy McCain staffer or are the items above requirements for a Republican?

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