It Is The Economy and They ARE Stupid

Why should we trust McCain on the economy? We shouldn't what-so-ever. How many reasons do you want? How about these for starters?

Guess who made a lot of money lobbying for less regulations? McCain's campaign manager of course.

If not for anything else, what does the Keating 5 tell you about John McCain? That he can be bought and sold by the very ones who put us in this mess.

He may not have written the legislation but he voted for the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. This act, in essence does away with a lot of the regulations that were put into place after the Great Depression - something he must have remembered as a child (just ask your parents Johnny). And guess what Phil Gramm - the lead sponsor of this act is doing today? If you said co-chairing McCain's campaign, you are correct.

It goes to show that we cannot literally afford 4 more years of this.

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