Patriot Games

Back in May, the decider made a decision to give up golf for the troops. A very brave decision on his part. The golf course can be worse than Ambar Provence. Stray golf balls, waiting for the beer cart to come around, and the geese - oh those geese! It's enough to give anyone PTSD!

So it came as a shock when I heard this bit of news - Capt. Dan Rooney, a F-16 fighter pilot for the United States Air Force has started, "Patriot Golf Day" a day to raise money for the families of soldiers who have been disabled or lost their lives.

Who is this guy and why does he want to thumb his nose at his Commander in Chief? Why does he hate the troops? Since he is a "troop", why does he hate himself?

I hope that the Patriot Golf Day also includes miniature golf because as some of you know, big kid golf is not my strong suit.

"I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers. Thank you. Now, watch this drive." G.W. Bush

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