Change in the Weather

So it's been about a week since John Edwards dropped out of the presidential race and what words can describe what he brought to the campaign? Paul Krugman has some words of praise in his op-ed from last Friday.

"But Mr. Edwards, far more than is usual in modern politics, ran a campaign based on ideas. And even as his personal quest for the White House faltered, his ideas triumphed: both candidates left standing are, to a large extent, running on the platform Mr. Edwards built."

And that's just it. Even though he is not in the race anymore, he brought a message that the other Democratic candidates have to follow. It's a message of hope, of equality, a message of lifting people out of poverty and raising the middle-class. It's a message of taking the two Americas and making it one.

Where Hillary Clinton has a message of change which is just meaning of change from a Republican leadership to a Democratic one, Obama has a message of hope and inspiration. John Edwards' message had both which wrapped those two ideas around a package that contained the details of how to get there.

Like many Edwards supporters, I also am trying to figure out what next. Of the remaining candidates, I too am trying to find the one that carries Edwards' message. But from here on out, Edwards' message must stay in the forefront of this campaign.

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