File Under What The F#@k?

Seriously, is this a joke? The American Bar Association has named Alberto Gonzales Lawyer of the year for 2007 and has already named Michael Mukasey Lawyer of the Year for 2008. The reason they give is that Alberto made the news more than any other Lawyer. So, if there was a lawyer that happened to be a serial killer or knocked up Britney Spears, would that automatically make them Lawyer of the Year?

Call me crazy but I would think that the Lawyer of the Year selection would be based on their merits as a lawyer, you know, someone who followed the law and the Constitution. Maybe someone who isn't a step away from being disbarred.

And look at some of the runner-ups. Yea, you have some hacks like Monica Goodling and Scooter Libby, but what about Patrick Fitzgerald or Cupcake Brown? Cupcake Brown is a woman who overcame many obstacles to finish law school. An inspiration to many. It's too bad that the ABA has their head stuck up their ass when they could have made their Lawyer of the Year a shining example of what it means to practice law and do it in the interest of the country and the people they represent.

On NPR this morning, it was reported that the ABA defended their position by saying that Time Magazine had Hitler and Stalin as men of the year in the past. Well, in their defense these two guys were nominated prior to the rest of the world knowing the autrosities they performed. What's the ABA's excuse? They knew what these people have done and it definitely was not within the law.

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