DL holiday celebration - Jake Speed & The Freddies - 12/22/07

From the DL email:

Over the past two years DL has adopted The Comet's Christmas show as our own holiday party/celebration. This year we're going to keep this tradition alive for the 3rd annual DL holiday party, on Saturday, December 22nd, at The Comet on 4579 Hamilton Road in Northside.

The party is highlighted by a concert by local bluegrass supergroup (if there is such a thing) Jake Speed and the Freddies. If you haven't seen them in concert before, this is an excellent way to get to experience one of the best local bands around. It's a fun show, a combination of their regular sets and some Christmas music as well.

I cannot stress this next point enough: you need to get there early! The show is scheduled to start at 8:00, but I will guarantee you that the bar will fill up very fast, especially since it's on a Saturday night this year. I would recommend getting there at least an hour early (and why wouldn't you want to grab a burrito before the show). We'll try to grab as many tables as we can, but the more people we have at those tables the easier it'll be to claim them.

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