Drinking Liberally Tonight

From the DL email:

Hard to believe it's coming up on November 13, what with the weather being all warm and Cincinnati City Council looking exactly like the same as it did, say, on November 5.

We gave you the week off on Election Day so you could help vote the same folks into the same offices, just in a different order. Now you can come celebrate or drown your sorrows: it's time for DLD2!

Tuesday, November 13 at 7:30PM we're having DLD2, Drinking Liberally: District 2, at Mulligan's Hyde Park Pub at 2680 Madison Rd, right across the street from Busken's.

As always, the Number 11 Bus stops right in front and the 24, 69 and 51 are just a short walk away. For you drivers, there's lots of parking in back.

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