That's not called work Rudy, it's called exploitation

We in Cincinnati are used to Republicans lying and exaggerating around here so when Rudy came to town and told us that he was at the WTC site more than the workers, well, what's new?

It's unbelievable the audacity of some people playing up the disaster on 9/11 as some crowning achievement for them. You Rudy were the mayor of a major city that was attacked by terrorists. Don't you feel shame? Don't you spend nights awake wondering if you could have done more to help prevent something like this, especially after the WTC attack in 1993? Does it pain you to know, as mayor of New York City, that you could have, but didn't give the police and fire departments the technology to communicate with each other? Something that they desperately needed on that day in 2001?

Have you no shame? You do realize that over 3,000 of your fellow New Yorkers perished that day. Does it ever cross your mind that maybe, just maybe you shouldn't use their deaths as some kind of political pawn? And you should definitely NOT use this as a means to profit personally?

No, you DID NOT work harder than the people sifting through the rubble of the disaster, but you have certainly worked harder to use this as some tool for election. And that is something that you should not be proud of.

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